Walk In Her Shoes on International Woman's Day

I would like to invite you and all at Female Arts to join me, my daughter Laura and the Olympic Suffragettes on International Women’s Day (Saturday 8 March) in London, to walk in solidarity with women and girls worldwide.

We will be marching in celebration of the advances made for women’s rights since the Suffragettes marched themselves, and to call for action on the great deal of work that remains to be done both here and around the world. Our walk will launch the 2014 CARE International Walk In Her Shoes campaign which takes place later in March, and for International Women’s Day itself we want to join together in solidarity with women’s groups and supporters from across London and beyond.

Please join us on the morning of Saturday 8 March when we will walk from the Tate Britain along the Thames to the South Bank Centre, where we will have speeches, then disperse to enjoy the Women of the World festival.

Please bring your friends and supporters, fly your flags, beat your drums and raise your voices to call out for a world where no one is denied the right to fulfil their potential, or denied the right to personal safety, simply because they are born a girl. This is a day for us all.

If you would like to take part in the wider, week-long Walk In Her Shoes campaign too, that would be wonderful.

I hope to see you on 8 March for a day of Deeds Not Words.

Best wishes

Helen Pankhurst

FOR FULL DETAILS (start time etc) PLEASE REGISTER HERE: www.careinternational.org.uk/IWD2014

About Walk In Her Shoes

Walk In Her Shoes is CARE International’s campaign based around International Women’s Day (8 March). The campaign aims to encourage people in the UK to walk 10,000 steps a day for a week in March, in solidarity with women and girls in the developing world who must walk many miles every day to collect water for their families. Their long, gruelling and often dangerous walks leave them with little time for paid employment or to go to school.

The 2014 campaign will kick off on International Women’s Day with a London-based walk led by Dr Helen Pankhurst and the Olympic Suffragettes. Funds raised by participants will support CARE, which is building wells, boreholes and standing taps close to these women’s and girls’ homes, giving them the time they need to go to school or work.

CARE will provide a t-shirt, pedometer and fundraising support to all who participate. The campaign is running across the UK, Canada and Australia.

Why we walk

WIHS 2014 Millions of women and girls across the developing world walk more than 6 kilometres (approximately 4 miles) a day in search of water. The water they collect is sometimes so dirty it could kill them.

These chores are gruelling. The average weight a woman in Africa carries is 20kg (3 stone). And the burden of poverty itself weighs most heavily on women: 70% of the world’s poorest billion people are women and girls.

Girls should be able to spend their childhood going to school and playing with friends. But when a girl’s childhood is taken away, her future goes with it. The cost of these daily chores to the poorest girls and women is high: the time they should be spending attending school or earning an income. Millions of women and girls are denied the chance to fulfil their life’s potential.

The walks are also often dangerous. For example, in one village in the Democratic Republic of Congo where CARE recently installed clean water facilities, mothers reported that the incidence of teenage pregnancy had dropped dramatically in the village. This, they said, was because their girls were no longer being raped on their way to collect water.

CARE is easing the burden on women and girls by building wells, boreholes and standing taps close to their communities, allowing them more time to go school or work, and keeping them safe. CARE is also providing education, healthcare and economic opportunities for women and girls.

By supporting CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes campaign you will be helping girls to go to school and enabling women to do income-generating work, instead of walking for miles every day.

We’re walking 10,000 steps a day for 1 week to mark International Women’s Day. We’re walking in solidarity with women and girls worldwide.

FOR FULL DETAILS (start time etc) PLEASE REGISTER HERE: www.careinternational.org.uk/IWD2014

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