Reading fringe festival highlights

Reading Fringe Festival returns to Reading this week from Weds 19th to Sunday 23rd July. This includes fringe shows from Reading's twin town of Dusseldorf and family friendly performances.

Here are our female led picks of the Reading fringe:

Immersive Theatre with Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ staged in real homes with real participants by Theatre of Europe and Fix&Foxy present
Sat 22 Jul 7:30pm

‘Aspen Astronomer: The Endangered Witch’ Becci Louise
You can still trust magic! The story of a young witch.
Aspen Astronomer is a children’s show told through spoken word, origami, illustration and audience participation. It is the story of a young witch, Aspen, whose year 5 class is about to join in with the school science fair. But two of Aspen’s classmates–a boy and a girl–don’t have the confidence they need to be their true, brilliant selves. Aspen uses her magic to help her two classmates overcome their fear and enter the science fair.
Dealing with issues of gender stereotyping, childhood imagination and the restrictiveness of a society that does not value inventiveness, Aspen is here to remind children that they are all brilliant, that science is another kind of magic, and no spell is too complicated.
Sat 22 Jul 12:00pm Penta Hotel

‘Bants & Rants: A Guide to Modern Living’ Four thirty-something year old ladies facing the modern world one day at a time.
Social media, sex shops, complicated dating…..the modern world throws up a lot of obstacles. Join four women as they look at the funnier side of modern life.

Sat 22 Jul 7:00pm Purple Turtle

‘Cold Feet’ Three brides, a stripper and a lot of unfinished business.
Three weddings converge in one church and three brides are given the chance to resolve some unfinished business before they commit. Cold Feet is a lively production that expands across the stage and into the audience…occasionally bringing audience members back onto the stage to be a part of the performance.
Sat 22 Jul and Sun 23 Jul 1:30pm Penta Hotel

‘D’Arcehole’ Teacher turned game-keeper (comedian) reveals all.
Jo D’Arcy got called ALL the names in High School, then went back to teach and got them all again, but none of them are as bad as the names she’s called herself.
Sat 22 Jul 8:30pm The Rising Sun

Just don't do it from Beside Ourselves Collective
Sex, celibacy, 21st Century female sexuality …and the church
Modern female sexuality and Christianity: are they as uncomfortable bedfellows as they appear to be?
Join two clowns delving into the confusing, the painful and the funny whilst asking if ‘Just Don’t Do It’ is the sum of what the church has to say about pre-marital sex.
Sat 22 Jul 5.45pm and Sun 23 Jul 5pm Rising Sun Arts Centre

Maria Peters: The Science of Cringe
It’s an experiment. Behavioural science, character comedy & storytelling collide.
What makes a human cringe? What even *is* it? And what could we achieve if we ignored it? Are you cringing reading this? Would a Dad joke help? I’m c-ringing you up on my cringe-o-phone now to tell you it. Wait- Come back! Police! PC Ringe here!
No, YOU’VE taken it too far.
Friday 21st July 9pm Rising Sun Arts Centre

Party Clare Plested
A comedy party with magical games, dirty dancing and Rapunzel
An interactive comedy party! You’re invited to a very special birthday celebration hosted by Princess Rapunzel! Join is as Rapunzel entertains the boys and girls with magical games, dirty dancing and a sprinkling of chaos. Iced gems provided. Prize for the best dressed!
Friday 21st July 7pm Smokin' Billy's and Sat 22nd July 8.30pm Purple Turtle

Psychological Health: A Psychoanalyst's View Dr Christine English
Psychological Health in Reading’s Year of Mental Health
Being psychologically healthy does not mean being serene and unaffected by the demands of life. Psychological health is not evidenced by the accepting of difficulties with a shrug or a smile, contrary to what you might think. In this short, light-hearted talk about a very serious business, Christine argues that we should give up on serenity, and instead work on coping better with being knocked off balance. What constitutes psychological health is not an absence of suffering, but a decent capacity to tolerate suffering and to bear reality without turning away from it. Being psychologically healthy means using human help to overcome difficulties and stay engaged with life and growth. How do we learn to do this, help each other to do it, and how do we keep it up for a lifetime?
Weds 19th July 7pm Milk

Skin Deep Attila Theatre
Stylish ensemble theatre exploring the creation of a world-famous murderer
Erzsébet Báthory was one of the most powerful women in 16th century Europe; She was also a sadistic serial killer – allegedly slaughtering 600 young women for pleasure.
Attila Theatre’s stylish production collides faith, power and sexuality to tell the lurid tale of Lady Báthory’s metamorphosis into the legendary ‘Blood Countess’.
Fri 21st July 8.30pm and Sat 22nd July 5.30pm Pentahotel

Still On Earth? Feline and Strange
Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin: Space invaders are here
Capt’n Feline and Chief Strange have been trying to contact their home planet for years now – to no avail, the aid of the fold-up cello, the synthetic piano, and Feline’s interstellar voice nonwithstanding.
Now, they get angry.
Darker and scarier they return from their travels all across Europe (even UK) and the U.S., and bring their Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin directly in your face.
Sat 22nd July and Sun 23rd July 7pm Pentahotel

This is an art attack Dame La Reine and the Reinettes
Get ready for the Monet shot!
The Mona Lisa. Girl with the Pearl Earring. That naked chick riding a clam. Women are great to paint, but where are all the great women painters? Join the Reinettes for burlesque, art, comedy and much more as we place female art where it belongs: centre stage.
Thur 20 July 8pm The Olympia Ballroom

Lisa Zimmerman Opera
An opera star with a pop twist all the way from Düsseldorf
Known for her warm and soulful lyric voice, German soprano, Lisa Zimmermann has attracted attention not just as a trained opera singer but also with other styles of music like Jazz and modernism in Düsseldorf and abroad. A student of the Robert Schumann Conservatoire she has recently returned from an Opera Recital tour of China, performed a season as Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof and is currently singing the female lead role in “Tortuga” at the “Opernfestspiele Heidenheim”, a children’s production based on Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman”.
Thursday 20th July, The Oracle Riverside 12 noon and 3pm FREE

Bubbly Bubbles & Bubbly Maths! Caroline Ainslie
Engaging, interactive bubble fun for teeny tots and their adult.
Enjoy magical moments with your little ones as they play with bubbles, interspersed with some giant bubble and amazing shape bubble moments. Watch as they explore shapes by popping square bubbles, triangular bubbles and even cubic bubbles! Finally, you and your little one can end up INSIDE a bubble, together.
Family ticket consists of up to 2 adults, 3 children
Weds 19th July 11am and Sun 23rd July 1pm The Dome

Holly Webb In Conversation
The perfect bedtime story before lunch
Sponsored by the Children’s Federation of Books, Holly will take you and your family on a journey through her magical and funny books. Join us for a lovely look at some of Holly’s books and listen to her read some of her new books.
Family ticket consists of up to 2 adults, 3 children
Sun 23rd July 11.30am The Dome

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