Left Luggage, Space Arts Centre - Review

Written by Isla Gray, Left Luggage centres on two sisters who have to deal with the funeral arrangements of their late-grandmother. From the off, there is friction between them as Danni (Bryony Thomas) has arrived late from London, while Nicola (Kim Burnett) is agitated that someone else has taken a case with photos and other valuable momentos of their grandmother, Iris Swann.

One of the little moments that I found quite pertinent was Nicola's Freudian slip to Danni – that she felt  Iris was  the last of her family and that she was all alone (so much for having a sister...). Siblings aren't necessarily close in adult life, especially if they live in different cities and walk in different spheres. Having partners that on the surface seem to limit one's freedom, instead of facilitating it can also be a source of conflict. Left Luggage addresses such tensions and the need to look beyond the superficial quirks of family.

In the end both women with their very different approaches to life and dealing with crises are able to be stronger than they ever could be alone, and commemorate the woman whose life was all about being celebrating being comfortable in one's own skin.

© Michael Davis 2016

Left Luggage runs at The Space Arts Centre until 22nd October 2016 (8pm).


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