A Guide To Second Date Sex, Bread & Roses Theatre - Review

"I would get you a glass but... they're still in the shops."


Written by Rachel Hirons, and starring Amy Spinks and Carlton Venn, A Guide To Second Date Sex is very candid affair. Initially agreeing to meet at Ryan's place, Laura realises that he's expecting 'a night in' and all that that ensues...

The play is very much about dating for the Netflix generation, but its observations about young men's use of laptops (*ahem*) and the sort of movies that make up their film collections provide many amusing, if awkward, moments.

The use of voiceover to hear the character's thoughts is a great leveller, showing that both women can be flustered in the heat of the moment, and say silly things in an attempt to impress and sound cool.

While the play at one level is fun – if only for the ritual both sexes adopt when they think sex might be on the cards – the subtler observations like women having a 'fake' emergency phone call as a way to check-in with a friend, shows the things that women have to think about with men they don't know very well. The assumptions about the friends of ex-partners was another interesting aspect of the play and something that could be developed into a play in its own right.

Both Spinks and Venn exhibit natural comic timing and a truthful performance born of well-observed writing.

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A Guide To Second Date Sex runs at the Bread & Roses Theatre until 22nd October (7pm).


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