Inked Palette - Exhibition Review

On entering Deasil Art Gallery the atmosphere is a calm and chilled out vibe. This gallery is not far from the town centre and Leamington’s own Covent Garden Park.

The art gallery is a medium sized layout with great lighting and is spacious. Deasil recently presented a directional exhibition “Inked Palette” showcasing artwork by emerging tattoo artists.

There were several themes shown in the art work: sci-fi, film, characters comics, animals, nature and a variety of original tattooed art drawings which are passionately evident. There was an assortment of tattoo drawing examples displayed on an wall.

'Inked Palette' features a diverse range of framed work and prints, artwork seen on sculpture and 3D surfaces including: porcelain decorated heads, a skateboard, and a mannequin arm suspended from the ceiling. The exhibition features work by blooming Bristol artist and tattooist Kat Winifred particularly a beautifully decorated vase. Kat Winfred specializes in Indian henna tattoos, Indian motifs and Mandalas.

This exhibition gave a defining output and distances tattoo art from the stereotypes associated with people who have tattoos and breaks it down to understand the art and form. The viewer is encouraged to digest the artist's process and method to create art. It’s brilliant to see small urban communities having unique art galleries taking on this type of art.

The exhibition is definitely a significant movement of tattoo art and this is future thinking, in an anthology viewpoint, refreshing and it is long overdue in reaching the interests of many art followings.

Most of the work is amazing and it is rejuvenating to show tattoo art away from a tattoo parlour. This is a new direction which is truly beneficial.

© Gina Smith 2015 @sureconnectmi

Inked Palette @ Deasil Art Gallery, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

3rd October – 23rd October 2015
Beccy Rimmer

Featured Artists
Joanne Baker, David Brace, James Bull, Paula Castle, Aron Cowles, Nicola Cry, The Hores, Hannya Jayne, William Jones, Shirin Scales, Adam Thomas, Charlotte Timmons, Shaun Von Sleaze, Alex Stark, Shaun Williams, Kat Winifred, Niall Pattterson

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