Théâtre Senza present Miraculi - Camden Fringe 2014

Miraculi is Théâtre Senza's devised piece about the island of Lampedusa. It is playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre from 4 - 9 August at 9.30pm, as part of the Camden Fringe.

Théâtre Senza's international troupe of Lecoq trained actors takes the audience on a journey to the southernmost European island: Lampedusa. Along the way they will meet fishermen, tourists, migrants, divers, the military, children, and dogs. Yet nothing on Lampedusa is as it seems, or as it should be. In this devised piece, stories coexist and collide to form a moving portrait of life at the frontier.

Lampedusa is an island of contradictions. A place of mourning, and hope. This speck of Italian soil in the Mediterranean is known as the Porta d'Europa, the Doorway to Europe. People on their journeys to Europe have been travelling through it for the past twenty years. Thousands have died at sea making this voyage, their deaths often going by unreported. The few bodies that are recovered are buried by Lampedusans. By exploring the dynamics and paradoxes of the island, Miraculi wishes to give a fresh perspective on both Lampedusa and the so-called 'issue' of migration. What does everyday life involve for those inhabiting Europe's edges? How do these stories speak to us?

The play is the culmination of three years of research and development carried out by Valentina Zagaria, director and writer. The company formed around this project, which involved the team doing a residency in Lampedusa in September 2013. During this period they gathered the memories, opinions and stories of the people who live on the island and of those who pass through. By playing with languages and movement, Théâtre Senza bring pieces of the island together, in an exploration of bigger questions of belonging, responsibility, and humanity.

Show taking place at Tristan Bates Theatre
1a Tower Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9NP

dates time ticket prices concessions
Mon 4 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50
Tue 5 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50
Wed 6 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50
Thu 7 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50
Fri 8 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50
Sat 9 August 2014 9:30pm £10.00 £7.50

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