Vanity Unfair - art exhibition review

"Vanity Unfair" is a group exhibition of work by (mostly) Italian artists, which
seeks to 'represent the vanity in all it's shapes and contradictions,
investigating from its iconic to its social ambivalence'. The show,
incorporating 'Desperate Artwives', can be seen in the Crypt Gallery at St.
Pancras Church, opposite Euston Station until the 29th of this month.

The exhibition has come from Tuscany, and includes a very mixed collection
of works, of varying levels of complexity and success. The motivations and
outcomes are wide ranging. From the graphical abstraction of Alessandro
Pizzo, through to the (seemingly) straightforward photographs of Francesca
Bianchi. I personally liked Ramon Trinca's contemplative and figurative
'Verzerren', as well as Coralie Gaspard's ' Within'. An interesting take on the
subject I thought; although I'm sure many will have difficulty with it.

Also, Simona Betti and Amedeo Sorpreso's 'wearable paintings' on the themes of
'Vanity' 'Phoenix' 'Instinct' and 'Rationality'. Ambitious with some success.

Of the 'Desperate Artwives' works, I found that Sharon Reeve's 'Voyeur'
series of etchings worked. I also quite liked Amy Dignam's 'Peas in a bucket';
although the form of such work does stray very close to art school cliche.
Mercedes Ferrari's contribution 'La mujerzuela (The Floozy)' was a humorous
take on the subject I thought: an anthropomorphic construction made of frilly
lampshades. And I love the title.

In conclusion, I liked certain work more than others. A varied, ambitious but
slightly uneven show, of definite interest and worth a look.

(C) Gideon Hall (2014)

Art Cafe presents at the Crypt Gallery, Euston Road, Euston until 29th March
@artwives @ArtCafeLondon

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