Victoria Klewin & The Truetones: 'Got a Question' - Single/Music Review


After listening to Victoria Klewin & The Truetones' new single 'Got a Question', I have a question for them (and all music production companies out there): why are these guys UNSIGNED!?

'Got a Question' is THE funkiest (is that even a word? Is now), most soulful single I've heard this year and, seriously, everyone should have a listen. Seriously. Victoria's Motown-esque, booming yet emotional voice will, within 7 seconds of pressing the play button, have you up and seductively swaying your hips along without a single care in the entire world.

Billed as 'Vintage Pop and Soul', I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Victoria Klewin and her Truetones (the incredibly vibrant seven piece band she works with); I'm not a big fan of 'Pop' music - even at 25 I feel too old to have any clue what's popular with the "cool kids" these days - but I do love a bit of old soul. The soul-ier (I'm so excited I'm inventing words all over the place) the better and these guys ooze soul from every note they play and every breath Klewin takes. From the very first strum of the guitar, my doubts melted away, only to be replaced with pure, groove-filled, joy.

Victoria Klewin, your voice is like smooth, dark chocolate, your band are über-cool and you create music that holds the perfect combination of vintage and contemporary (it's a tough combo to get right) with a laid-back style. If you like big bands (this is 7-piece) and you like a bit of retro-funk, you'll love this!

Other than LISTEN TO THIS SONG and GET THESE GUYS SIGNED, I don't have much more to say. I'd rather toddle off, get up in the middle of my living room and sway my hips along to this addictive, energising song on repeat for the rest of the day.

Oh, but before I do, I just have one more thing to say...:

Thank you Victoria Klewin and The Truetones for being AWESOME.

(C) Sophie Porter 2014.


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