Bombshells theatre review at the Henley Fringe

Corrine Carlisle

Henley Town hall, the Chambers
Saturday 23rd July 2011
4pm – runtime 1 hour, 45 mins

Bombshells is a series of monologues performed by three actresses who each play two characters. There is an array of women with a mother, a bride, a widow, a schoolgirl, a singer and a spurned lover. As the characters cross all ages they could also represent just one woman at different times in her life.

Bombshells is funny, moving, thoughtful and engaging – each character leaps out from the detailed, sparkling script by Joanna Murray Smith and impresses on us their anxieties, woes, hopes and desires.

Judith Faultless plays a mother (Meryl Louise Davenport) and a bride (Theresa McTerry), Corrine Carlisle a schoolgirl (Mary O’Donnell) and a showbiz singer (Zoe Struthers), Kath Perry is a spurned lover (Tiggy Entwhistle) and a widow (Winsome Webster). Each actor is transformed into a person with something revelatory to express, and the honesty in confessing their innermost feelings speaks universal truths.

The set design is quickly changed between each monologue to reflect the unique surroundings of each character, while I am Woman by Helen Reddy plays. Meryl Louise Davenport the mother is in a ‘bombshell’ of a house, with her children’s belongings strewn everywhere.

Zoe Struthers the singer is a showbiz American ‘bombshell’ a successful singer who has had a lot of tragedy in her life. Tiggy Entwhistle receives a ‘bombshell’ when she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman in the village. Winsome Webster the widow feels little cannons going off when she’s with the young man she has a crush on.

There is a great mix of humour and drama, sometimes the comedy is reminiscent of stand up. The foundations of the fourth wall tremble but stay intact. Corrine Carlisle as Mary O Donnell and Zoe Struthers dances and sings, there is a lot of variety in the show.

Bombshells is directed by Julie Fox and produced by Aston Productions.

Carrine Carlisle plays Mary O’Donnell & Zoe Struthers
Kath Perry plays Tiggy Entwhistle & Winsome Webster
Judith Faultless plays Meryl Louise Davenport & Theresa McTerry

© Wendy Thomson 2011

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