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In the Spring of 2012, Samantha Brick - self-proclaimed beauty and former TV Executive - backed A. A. Gill's shocking statement that Mary Beard - Presenter of BBC2's Meet The Romans - should be kept away from the cameras because of her looks.

Even when Beard wrote a quick-witted retaliation: "too ugly for TV? No, I'm too brainy for men who fear clever women", defending her looks, Samantha Brick caused further controversy over the matter by claiming that "Ms. Beard is too ugly for TV".

According to Brick, care in appearance is the most important element of a female Presenter's job - to be visually pleasing to the eye. Surely, these superficial views serve only to further objectify women in the creative industry, rather than encourage, enable and inspire women to break free of the superficial, "lads mags" stereotypes of unachievable perfection?

Of course, the up-roar caused over these, very public, very negative comments, was endless and is still very much alive today. To be seen is truth in the old cliché: "every cloud has a silver lining" and one silver lining on this otherwise darkened cloud comes in the form of Rhonda Merrick, the Singer/Songwriter, who has taken inspiration from this otherwise gut-wrenching story to create songs that are beautifully positive. Even receiving personal thanks from Mary Beard herself! Her story is detailed as follows:

"We're filming my debut movie and making the album now. Both are called '27 Club' which is based on a song I wrote the day Amy Winehouse died.

I write about people and the world we live in, but I've not been commerical nor have I made much effort to reach the mainstream until this year. But when Samantha Brick called Mary Beard 'too ugly for television', I wrote [a] song, and Mary Beard thanked me for it. (it's not commercial nor is it produced...it's just a song about the world we live in)

I sent a tweet to Edward Snowden to ask if he felt it was worth all he'd lost and he replied just watching Obama lie like a woman on Leno made it worth it. I told him I'd be writing a song and I finished it. He probably won't care for the home-truth's in it though.

Over the past few weeks, I've had chats and live sessions on BBC Cambridge, Phoenix FM Radio Brentwood, Amazing Radio and East London Radio.

This is my year to come out into the mainstream. [I] love to chat about the music, the movie and the amazing people I've met and written about over the past 3 years."

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