Nataylia Roni advises how to get ahead in TV presenting

Do you ever wonder about the journey it took for a certain artist to be where they are now? How they got there? Was it handed to them on a plate? Or did they have to make serious sacrifices to manifest their now A List Celebrity lifestyle? It's not rocket science to think and believe that it took hard work, persistence and timing, oh and sometimes it helps if you know the right people, let's not forget. Some may say ''Oh they’re lucky." Well I believe that you create your own luck. So with every action you take, you are paving the way for yourself and others.

I am talking like I have made it. I am yet to. However I feel it is important for you to celebrate your victories no matter how big or small. An achievement is an achievement and they all deserve a mini party.

In this business you never know where one job may lead or what may come from accepting a certain part. I would never have thought that by getting to co-present on Cbeebies that it would lead to a BAFTA Award. I was the Co Presenter of BBC's Cbeebies Boogie Beebies which won a BAFTA Award for Best Pre-School Live Action in 2005. 7 years later and I am still doing children's events up and down the country entertaining children & parents. It's a wonderful thing. A new generation of Boogie Beebies boogying to the sounds of 'Take it to the Check Out’, ‘Gardening’ & some of my own newly written songs.

My audition was filled with energy and a huge smile from ear to ear. Yes I was thankful to have noticed the advert on a wall. I remember thoroughly enjoying the audition and the process of preparing whilst I was playing the role of Nala in Disney's the Lion King in London’s West End. Again this was another blessing.

Whilst sitting in a vegetarian cafe one afternoon I received a phone call I had dreamt of, ever since following my elder siblings in watching Floella Benjamin in playschool. I was only little but I danced along anyway. I booked a job as a Children's TV Presenter and I wanted the world to know about it. I was ecstatic for the offer and truly enjoyed the whole experience. All those early mornings talking with a smile. My gosh it sounds absolutely easy. Then why the auditions? you might ask. Clearly there is an art to this. Hence why I am doing Presenter Workshops for Wannabe Presenters.

I look up to Oprah Winfrey and think “Wow from a radio station to owning your own TV network. That is huge, it's amazing,” and Oprah must look at where she is daily and say 'Look what GOD has done.’ It shows you that anything is possible when you believe.
I didn’t go to a full time stage school, or get my funding for the theatre schools I was accepted at. One of them was an accredited theatre school in the states; they offered me half a scholarship. Yet I have continued to do what I feel is my calling and heart’s desire. By getting in class and working.

I recently finished working for the BBC again on a New Podcast show available online called Let's Move, & also available in schools from spring 2012. That was so much fun to do, and I really was able to experience another side of presenting in the mix of radio drama & voice over work. Boogie beebies was a pre recorded scripted presenting role. I also have worked on another DVD based program for schools teaching children self-defense and confidence building using karate techniques. The DVD is called Little Samurai Warriors. For more info about this dvd:

I can see how easy it is to take things for granted. However I choose and it is a choice not to. Instead I choose to think of ways in which I can help others have success, for the opportunities I hope to have for the future. A variety of work like Denise Van Outen would be amazing. Theatre, Presenting, Radio, TV. That is the desire. I just have to keep praying, believing, reaching and achieving.

(c) Nataylia Roni 2011

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