Dirty Dancing - retro film review by Kathy Cakebread

It’s the 1960’s the era of The Beatles, the freedom revolution of the Pill and hippy power and it is the year Baby (Frances) discovers love. Baby is a sweet daddy’s girl who grew up in a wealthy family, destined to go to college, join the peace corps and live happily ever after with a doctor husband just like her daddy.

When the family go to stay at a resort in upstate New York’s Catskill mountains Baby finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with the handsome suave camps dance instructor, Johnny, a man whose background couldn’t be more different then her own.

In a series of events involving Johnny’s dance partner Penny, Baby finds herself in the limelight, as she has to take Penny’s place and perform at a neighbouring hotel the Sheldrake.

The pair begins to fall in love over their mismatched footsteps and close dances, and despite her nerves Baby dances well only failing the lift.

When Penny’s abortion is botched by a quack Baby’s forced to get her dad to help, revealing the truth about where the money she asked for really went. Forbidden to stay away from the man Doctor Houseman feared got Penny pregnant, Baby sneaks in to Johnny’s cabin revealing how she couldn’t walk away.

Baby’s love for her forbidden suitor only grows stronger till the moment a series of bag thefts are blamed on Johnny giving him no choice but to leave. At the final dance of the season, a miserable Baby gets the time of her life when Johnny returns with the immortal line “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” and they perform the climatic dance to The Time of My life with Baby managing the lift.

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