Lady Gaga - Born This Way - Album review by Kay Dixon

Kay Dixon
Lady Gaga-Born This Way Album:

The BBC quoted Lady Gaga to be” the greatest thing that the planet pop in 2011, could ever want”.

After reading many reviews and listening to a variety of Lady Gaga’s songs, I decided to purchase her Born This Way album to create my own opinion. Putting all the critic reviews to the back of my mind to give an accountable and honest review.

The Album is written by Lady Gaga and directed by Nick Knight, with executive producer Vincent Herbert and Choreography by Ann Gibson.

I found the overall album to have a different vibe to previous albums, with dark beats and the many powerful and meaningful references to god.

I particularly like the track Judas, it is energetic and enthusiastic to the point you want to keep listening, and the catching lyrics keep you singing. The song is through the view point of Mary Magdalene towards Jesus and Judas. What Gaga is very cleverly doing is bringing the biblical characters and putting them through a modern interpretation. Gaga demonstrates confident and empowering women through a vocal performance.

Edge of Glory is another powerful and strong track, inspired by life and living your greatest moments to the fullest potential. Again very powerful and beautifully sung and written.

The overall album shows the capability and leadership of Lady Gaga to become the greatest queen of pop. I am keen to see what her future portrayals of life through her music will develop into in the near future.

(c) Kay Dixon 2011

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