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Please see our twitter account for curated lists of the Female Arts Team Feminist Theatre and Gender Equality advocates

Includes Feminist Theatre, Feminist sites /mags / zines, Events / Festivals, Feminist Arts (Fine art and crafts) Feminist Music, Radio, Feminist Film, Feminist Literature, Feminist Comedy, Feminist Business

Feminist Theatre

Theatre Company: Sphinx Theatre 35% of actors, 17% of writers, 23% of directors, 52% of the population - putting women centre stage @Sphinxtheatre

Designers Agency and collective: Designers Formation @tdfdesigners

Theatre Company: Urban Foxes Collective all female group of artists specialising in physical, playful and multi-disciplinary theatre. @FoxesCollective

Theatre Company: Prams in the Hall @Pram_InThe_Hall

Theatre Company: Epsilon Productions all female @EpsilonProds

Theatre Company: Hot Salt Theatre feminist theatre @HotSaltTheatre

Theatre Company: The Rose Theatre Company @TheRoseCompany Lancaster based female theatre company performing female playwrights works from pre 1900. Lancaster.

Theatre Company: Certain Curtain Theatre Using theatre to raise awareness of domestic abuse/Human rights @cctheatreco @johnwoudberg

Theatre Company: Skin of Our Teeth Theatre Company Restoring the balance @SOOTTheatre

Theatre Company:Goblin Baby Theatre Company activist theatre @GoblinBabyCo

Theatre Company: Clean Break @CleanBrk independent education programme for female prisoners

Theatre Company: Mama Quilla Initiative @MQInitiative produce original, innovative, mixed-media performances, responding to world political issues from a female viewpoint.

Theatre Company: Unbound Productions @unbound_theatre Pushing the boundaries and conventions of theatre.

Theatre Company: Green Girl Productions @GreenGirlProd London based #Theatre & #Film company Gender Equal Casting

Theatre Company: Manhattan Shakes @ManhattanShakes ALL-FEMALE Shakespeare Company New York

Theatre Company: Smooth Faced Gentlemen @SmoothFacedGent All-Female Shakespeare Company. Based in London.

Theatre Company: Get Over It Productions @GetOverItPro All-Female ensemble often performing all-female Shakespeare.

Theatre Company: Tonic Theatre @TonicTheatre Supporting the UK theatre industry to achieve greater gender equality in its workforces & repertoires.

Theatre Company: @WALBTMT 'What A Little Bird Told Me Theatre' emerging company committed to bringing audiences more female representaion. Tweets by Creative Director @RachelLCreamer

Theatre Company: Gazebo Theatre @GazeboTheatre 34 years of exciting Professional Theatre, Theatre In Education, & Community Arts

Theatre Company: PurpleRoosterTheatre @PurpleRooster5 An emerging all-female performance collective creating innovative interpretations of existing stories through dynamic interdisciplinary theatre. Birmingham

Theatre Company: The Gramophones Nottingham based all female company making quirky theatre with a twinkle in its eye. @The_Gramophones

Theatre Company: Hecate Theatre @Hecate_Theatre Reinventing classical and modern theatre with an all-female dynamic. Bristol, UK ·

Theatre Company: Fluff Productions @WeAreFluff Award winning all female theatre company promoting new writing for women. London

Theatre Company: Stellar Quines @Stellarquines Stellar Quines facilitates the creative work of women in Scottish Theatre. Edinburgh

Theatre Company: Kali Theatre Company @KaliTheatreUK Award winning Kali develops & presents ground breaking new theatre by South Asian women. In 2012 we celebrated 21 years! Viva Kali! London

Theatre Company: Tapestry Theatre Company @VickiPMcKellar produce plays which focus on strong parts for actresses

Theatre Company: Papercut Theatre @papercuttheatre gender blind casting

Theatre Company: Agent 160 'a writer-led theatre company that produces work from its female playwrights' @Agent160theatre

Theatre Company: Sh!t Theatre @shittheatre - Award-winning performance art duo & Muppet fans.Associate artists of @CamdenPT.#WomensHour touring 2016 + new show #Letters in development for @harlowplayhouse

Kathryn Beaumont @kathrynbeaumont Actress @JPMactors • Writer • Trainee Psychotherapist • Associate Artist @arcstockton • Mental health worker @TynesideWH

Keisha Thompson @Keke_Thom Poet, Philosophy & Politics Graduate, Playbacker, Singer, Maths Tutor. Person of life and conditional love. Young People's Producer - Contact Theatre

Hannah Silva @HannahSilvaUK Poet & playwright & maker of theatre. Currently touring Schlock! My poetry collection Forms of Protest is published by Penned in the Margins.

Louise Orwin @louiseorwin Live-Artist/Researcher. Co-D of @L_and_LG. Feminist. Courtney Stodden Fan. Buzzwords: barbiedreamhousemysticmasochismawkward ungetankfailurecoffeetablepsychosis

Rose Biggin @rosebiggin Student of theatre, scribbler of silly things, social moth.

The Ruby Dolls @therubydolls 'An elegant, inventive and absorbing fusion of theatre, music, storytelling, dance and puppetry' - Time Out.

Fuel @FuelTheatre Fuel produces fresh work for adventurous people by inspiring artists. All team members tweet, look for initials at end of tweets. Staff list on London

Performance Artist: Bryony Kimmings @BryonyKimmings

Performance Artist: Rachel Mars @rachelofmars

The Minty Crimples @MintyCrimples

A Cat and Mouse Act #paperdolls @ACatandMouseAct

The Thelmas @TheThelmas

Vox Multiply

Gender Equality Performing Arts Orgs / Events / Festivals

Women of the World Festival Held annually at Southbank centre, London @WOWtweetUK

The Wilding Festival 13th - 16th June 2013 London @WildingFestival

100 deeds @artwith_heart @JenniferGaskell

Lost and Found festival @lostfoundfest Manchester 2014

Little Pieces of Gold @suzettecoon

Short Cuts Festival @ShortCutsLondon

Equal Writes Which women are we not seeing represented on stage? @EqualWritesUK

Women In Arts Festival @soandsoartsclub @actorscentre

League of Professional Women in Theatre UK - Closed facebook group. @LofPTW

17 percent Promoting Female Playwrights

The Los Angeles Female Playwright Collective @TheLAFPI

GAP Salon - Gender and Performance - networking and discussion meetings in London @GAPsalon

Equity Women's Committee @EquityWomen

Female Arts Reviewing female led stage productions, film, art exhibitions, and more. @femalearts

Storm in a Teacup London based collective for female musicians, writers, poets, artists and illustrators - fanzine, club nights and record label. @SIATCLdn

Creative parents/mums organisations

ProCreative Project ProCreate Project is an ON-BECOMING agency for #mothers #artists to support and produce their work during #pregnancy and #motherhood @ProcreateProj

We like these Theatre companies / Performers

Theatre Company: Synergy Theatre Company @Synergy_Theatre works towards rehabilitation with prisoners and ex-prisoners through theatre and related activities

Theatre Company: Peculius media and theatre company @peculius

Theatre Company: Improbable @improbable1

Theatre Company: Headlong @HeadlongTheatre

Theatre Company: Immediate Theatre @Immediate_T Make theatre with young people in Hackney

Theatre Company: Sibling Productions @siblingprod

Theatre Company: Little Soldier @LittleSoldierP

Theatre Company: Out Fox Productions @OutFoxProds

Theatre Company: London Grey and Green all female production company @GreyGreenTheatr

Performance Artist: Laundrette Superstar @LaundretteStar

Performance Artist: Julie Atlas Muz @Julie_Atlas_Muz

So And So Arts Club Arts club, London @soandsoartsclub

Feminist sites /mags / zines

Counting Women In Equality = Good Politics @CountingWomenIn

The F Word @thefworduk

Womens Resource Centre @whywomen

Feminist News @feministnews Washington DC @feministcom

Womens Issues (USA)

The Fawcett Society @fawcettsociety

UK Feminista Campaign for gender equality @UK_Feminista

We are Equals The big inequality debate @WeAreEQUALS

Miss Representation @RepresentPledge

Everyday Sexism @EverydaySexism Project documenting everyday experiences of sexism

Women for Women Women for Women International helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. @womenforwomenuk

The Woman's Room @thewomensroomuk

No More Page 3 Campaign for no more page 3 (topless women) in The Sun newspaper @NoMorePage3

Women's E News Read the news about women you need to know. New York. USA. @WomenseNews

Msmagazine @msmagazine

MsFoundationWomen @msfoundation New York

Womens Views On News @newsaboutwomen

Feministing @feministing

Queenster Cutting edge lifestyle and women's sports magazine London/NY

Feministe Feminist blog USA. @Feministe

Feminist Hulk @feministhulk

Storm in a Teacup London based collective for female musicians, writers, poets, artists and illustrators - fanzine, club nights and record label. @SIATCLdn

Soupa Creative Network zine and blog of 36 creatives

Magpie Magazine Global female artist collective publish an annual zine.

Feminist Jumble Bi-monthly online blog open to contributions @FeministJumble

Frost Magazine A lifestyle thinkers mag. @frostmag

The Vagenda Magazine An alternative mag for women and teenagers.

The Feminist Times @Feminist_Times

SheEquality Mag For women by women, Merseyside and global. @ShequalityMatte

When Sally Met Sally For Girls who like Girls. @SallyMetSally

Black Chick Media @BlackChickMedia

Women Writers @WomenWriters

Offical Theatre @TheatreOfficial

Fine Arts and feminist Arts (Fine art and crafts)

Women's Arts Association Cardiff based collective of women in the arts

Nest A space for female London artists

VV Collective Supporting emerging female fine artists.

Women Arts international community of women artists USA.

National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington DC, USA @WomenInTheArts

The Art of Women @theartofwomen

Feminist Music

The Other Woman Music (new music by women musicians) @ruthbarnesmusic

Shebang Magazine (music reviews printed zine) @shebangzine

Feminist Music Geek Feminist blog about female music based in USA. @ms_vz

Don't Dance Her Down Boys previously - a blog run by one woman on a mission to share her love of female musicians and female fronted bands with the world. @Stephanopolus

The Girls Are Online magazine promoting women in music @TheGirlsAre

Too Cute to Puke Club night playing female tunes. Sweden @toocutetopuke

Bloody Ice Cream South London grrrrl noise

Typical Girls Manchester club night playing female tunes @TypicalGirlsMcr


Wireless Theatre (Online radio theatre)

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Wired Up Media

Feminist Film

Le Cinema Des Femmes

Women and Hollywood

Underwire Festival Short film festival of female filmmakers

Girls On Film Film review blog

Kuntsblog blog by a journalist and short filmmaker. I write about the intersection of politics and arts on Kunstblog.

Birds Eye View Celebrating women filmmakers

London Feminist Film Festival 24th-30th November, Hackney

3 Days Film

Feminist Literature

Feminist Library - archive collection of Women’s Liberation Movement literature London @feministlibrary

For Books Sake - Books By and for Independent Women

Virago Press - outstanding international publisher of books by women.

Tara Books - an independent publisher of picture books for adults and children based in Chennai, South India. Not self proclaimed feminist, just look good.

Lucy Kerbel '100 great plays for Women' @LucyKerbel

Nick Hern Books @NickHernBooks

Feminist Comedy

Funny Women - Female Comedy Community

Laughing Cows

What the Frock @WTFrock_Comedy Promoting talented female comedians.

Rosie Wilby @rosiewilby

Carmen Ali @carmenali

Feminist Business

The Guardian's Top 100 Women

BBC's Women to Watch In The Arts

International Womens Day

Where Women Want to Work

Women Leaders
Female leaders worldwide

Arts and Business

Industry Women Central Getting women into building - the construction industry. Australia

Visible Women A women in leadership campaign UK

Women in Journalism

My Car Gossip motoring service directory which encourages women to review and recommend motoring services.


Save the Children



Caversham Info

Caversham Arts Trail

Women's Health

Menopause information at Healthline

No longer updated

BitchBuzz Magazine (Closed in Jan 2013 - online as an archive)

Lipstick Events (Celebrating the achievements of women -not updated since April 2011)

Lady Fest (USA - last updated November 2005)

Women At the Top Financial Times - Not updated since 2012

Young Women in Media Last updated November 2012

Uplift Magazine Feminist magazine not updated since September 2012