Review request FAQs

Review FAQs

I would like Female Arts to review my show / gig / writing / exhibition / etc. Can you?
Possibly. Please give at least two weeks notice. Email us with full details. We'll need a press ticket(s) and programme. All arrangements to review are to be made via the relevant regional Editor. Please do not contact any of the review team directly.

For London shows contact Michael Davis by email / @Michael30517721
Edinburgh and Scotland contact Effie Samara
Bristol and South-West contact Samantha Coughlan / @SamCee56
For anywhere else in the UK contact Wendy Thomson / @femalearts

Feature requests please contact Hannah Roe by email / twitter @HannahRoe5
Interview requests please contact Amie Taylor by email / twitter @SpoonSparkle

I'd like you to promote my show / event / business. What can you offer?
We can publish your press release, interview you, publish a feature article about your event or company and promote your show / event with tailored shout outs via facebook and twitter. Please email for our rate card and see our crowdfunder where you can donate in exchange for promotion

Q- What kind of content / genre are you interested in reviewing?
We focus on female led, feminist or gender equal productions. If there are no women in your production (on or off stage) we are unlikely to promote or review you! We're interested in the performing, visual and literary arts including theatre, exhibitions, film, literature, comedy, music, in the UK and beyond.

Q - My show is Work in Progress. Can you review it?
A - We would prefer to not review shows that are work in progress. Please ask us to review only when the show is ready to be reviewed by the press.

Q - Please explain your star rating?
A - 1 star is poor, 2 stars is mediocre, 3 stars is good, 4 stars is great and 5 stars is excellent. We do not offer 1/2 stars. For fringe productions it is our policy to not publish reviews that are 1 or 2 stars in case they unduly deter the public from attending future performances. Instead we tend to offer feedback privately.

Q - Some reviews don't have any stars at all. Why is that?
A- Occasionally we publish reviews without a star rating (unrated). There are various reasons for this, such as it is a review of a launch or a party and a star rating is not appropriate. The content of the review is more important than the number of stars ascribed to it. Unrated reviews are an editorial decision, so to question it please contact

Q - When (and where) can I expect to see the published review?
A- When - we aim to write reviews within 72 hours after seeing the performance, then it is submitted to an editor for proof reading and published asap. Please allow 4 working days (one week) following our reviewer attending your show before contacting us. If you have not seen the review or heard from us by then please email
Where - All our reviews are published here with the most recent appearing at the top. They can be searched for by name in our search box (top left of homepage). Reviews and ratings are also shared on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Q - I don't like / agree with your review of our show and / or the star rating.
A -Female Arts aim is to be supportive of and to promote women. We are objective in our reviews and offer constructive criticism. We do not tend to publish reviews of 2 stars or less. Reviews can be critical. Please do not request a review unless you are prepared to accept our comments and rating.

Q - You were very helpful / supportive and / or we liked your review / reviewer / correspondence. How can I thank you?
A - Female Arts is staffed by volunteers and does not at present receive ANY funding. If you would like to help keep us going Please Support Us with a cash donation or in other ways (see the Donate page).

Female Arts FAQs

Q - What is Female Arts about?
A - Please read our About page.

Q - What does the 'Arts' include?
A - Performing arts, visual arts and literary arts - it's open to your interpretation and broad.

Q - Isn't this positive discrimination? What about men?
A - Men are dominant in our society and many are vocal about their achievements. For women to be heard, they need their own space. Men who support women are welcome at Female Arts and we want to hear their voices too. We have male reviewers. We want to support all marginalised voices but especially women's!

Q - Do you have any statistics?
A - Women are 51% of the population but are only 35% of the actors, 17% of the writers and 23% of the directors whose work ends up on stage (professional theatre). Only 5% of the art currently on display in U.S. museums is made by women artists. (Sources

Q- Do you have information on feminist theatre, film, art, other relevant websites or groups?
A - See our Links page

Q - How much money are you making out of Female Arts?
A - We're not! Female Arts is run from the desire to make a difference to gender inequality. We're staffed by volunteers. We are looking into sources of funding to keep us sustainable long term. As important as business is, some things mean more than money. If you can help us financially please made a contribution via paypal. Or email us if you can be a funding partner.

Q - I like it here. How can I get involved?
A - Thanks, we like having you. Register with Female Arts by creating a user profile, rate our articles, Like our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter and sign up for our Newsletter. Support Us. Tell your friends! We will not spam you or sell on your email address.

Q - I'm having problems registering (creating a profile)
A - Due to too many spam accounts being created we can create a profile for you if you email

More? Email your questions to and we will add to the FAQs.